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Quicklinking self assessments to unit content

Students can access a self assessment through a Quicklink under a topic within a unit module. This method connects Content to Self Assessments, allowing students to see what material they should have covered before measuring their progress with a self assessment.


Quicklink a self assessment to a new topic

  1. Click Content on the navbar to access the Manage Content page.
  2. Select Self Assessments from the Add Activities button.
  3. Select which self assessment you want to add from the Self Assessments drop-down list.
  4. Click Insert.


Quicklink a self assessment using the HTML Editor

You can use the integrated HTML Editor to insert a self assessment quicklink. This is useful if you want to include other information with the self assessment or let students access more than one self assessment within a topic. You can also use the HTML Editor to add links to self assessments in other places in the unit, such as in News or Events. See Inserting quicklinks in the HTML Editor to learn about using quicklinks in the HTML Editor.