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About VU Collaborate

What is it?

vu-collaborate-homeVU Collaborate is the eLearning environment at VU. It provides a seamless, single area for staff and students to conduct learning and teaching activities online, including:

  • Curriculum and content delivery: making it easy to add content, files, links and multimedia to a unit through simple drag and drop options
  • Assessment, reflection and feedback activities: including tracking individual and class progress
  • Discussions, communication and collaboration: to support learning and teaching

VU Collaborate integrates with existing enterprise systems such as MYVU Portal and VU Connect.

VU Collaborate Manager, will be used to enrol students automatically and create spaces.

Why use it?

VU Collaborate improves the student learning experience by being:

VU Collaborate supports anytime, anywhere access to a range of digital content formats (eg. documents, links and video), learning activities, assessments and support. It also allows the timing and type of delivery to be tailored to the needs of individual students.

VU Collaborate supports online chat, discussions and group assignments and enables synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (in your own time) communication.

VU Collaborate is designed to support pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching that focus on reflection, peer review and formative and summative assessment. It also aims to promote active and independent learning by supporting a purposeful blend of resources and delivery modes, including face to face, online and workplace learning.

VU Collaborate’s features are tailored towards the student learning experience by enabling them to communicate and collaborate in various ways, collect and share evidence of their learning and stay on track by monitoring their own progress. VU Collaborate will integrate with existing enterprise systems such as MYVU Portal and VU Connect. VU Collaborate Manager, will be used to draw enrolment data from VU Connect to create VU Collaborate teaching spaces and enrol students automatically.


Getting Started: Accessing VU Collaborate

Every VU staff member (with an e number) is provided with access to VU Collaborate. This is so you may familiarise yourself with the new eLearning environment prior to delivering content. 

To access VU Collaborate:

  1. Open Google Chrome, and log into MYVU Portal using your MYVU Portal ID and password (usually the same as your VU AD and Outlook login: i.e. e123456).
  2. In MYVU Portal, click on the ‘VU Collaborate’ link from the ‘Application Access’ section on the right.

google-chromeGoogle Chrome is the recommended browser as it provides the best functionality for VU Collaborate. Google Chrome is available as part of the standard computer operating environment at VU.

Using VU Collaborate

Once logged in, the VU Collaborate homepage will give you access to the spaces you are enrolled in. Initially you will have access to a sandpit space and a staff Training Space which contains an introductory "Welcome to VU Collaborate" module and is designed to help you become familiar with the environment.

It is recommended that you complete the "Welcome to VU Collaborate" module so that you can learn the basics before developing content in your sandpit space.

Your sandpit is your own development space where you are assigned an Instructor role, allowing you to experiment with designing a space and developing course materials. Content created in your sandpit will remain available for your use and can later be copied to teaching spaces in which you have an Instructor role, as they become available in VU Collaborate.

Support Resources

  • College Librarian Support Service Each College has a designated Library support person (College librarian) who can work with teaching staff to provide resources and links in a VU Collaborate space.
  • Technical and Support Issues For any technical queries relating to accessing MYVU Portal or VU Collaborate, or to report any technical faults when using VU Collaborate, contact the ITS Service Desk.


Contact Service Desk

Web ITS Service Desk.
Telephone (03) 9919 2777 (Press Option 1)
Email servicedesk@vu.edu.au
Location St Albans Campus, Building 5


Service Desk Hours of Operation

During Semester

8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Thursday

8.00am to 5.00pm Friday

During Semester Break 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday