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Introduction to the 10.3 Upgrade for VU Collaborate 

The introduction of the new 10.3 version of VU Collaborate brings some significant and exciting changes to the way VU Collaborate now functions. This guide illustrates the key changes and updates that staff should know in preparing and developing their courses. For a more comprehensive and detailed document which outlines all the changes and updates, please refer to the Official D2L document

10.3 Upgrade - Role Switch

It is now possible to change a role from the top right under your login name, instead of going back to the home page to perform this action. This area is always visible and accessible in the navbar, regardless of which area you are working on. The Role Switch allows you to view content as a student and submit assessments. For greater functionality, please impersonate the ‘TestStudent’ in the Classlist.

role change

10.3 Upgrade - Content

Content Menu

The Table of Contents (left menu) panel can now be expanded and allows you to quickly and easily navigate across content areas. You can access any topic or module via the panel when you are viewing items in the content area.

content menu panel

Students' progress summary in Content area

The Content area now displays the students' overall report. At the bottom of the content view page, you can see which students have (and have not) completed activities. This is especially useful for activities such as Assessment Dropbox that are embedded in the content area as it is possible to view who has not submitted assessments at a glance without having to go to User Progress.

oveall results from content area

Expand/Collapse All options 

Under Table of Contents, you now have options to Expand All/Collapse All modules and content in modules. This enables you to navigate and view modules quickly.

Expand all collapse all

10.3 Upgrade - Discussions

Improved Discussions Interface

10.3 provides a compact and simple structure with a ‘reading view’ in Discussions. Topics are all displayed in separate boxes under the Discussion List as below:

Discussion forum

Similarly, when you click on one of the topics, threads are displayed in separate boxes. Here, you can see how many unread (comments)/replies/views were made for each thread. You can also sort threads by Most Recent, Oldest, Authors, etc. as below:

Discussion threads

When you are in the View Topic mode, you have access to a panel that allows you to move across different topics and forums easily.

Discussion thread panel

Discussion thread/posts action options

The dropdown menu allows you to perform a variety of actions including, edit thread, mark all posts as Un/read, Pin Thread, Flag Thread, etc. Further, you can Reply to Thread either from the top or bottom of the posts.

Discussions editing options

10.3 Upgrade - Rubrics

Students can now view the rubrics attached to Assessment Dropbox from the Content area before submitting, as well as after the rubrics have been used to evaluate and mark the assessment. Students will be able to see all the feedback, grades and marked rubrics from the Content area.


10.3 Upgrade - Quizzes and Surveys

Tab structure in Quizzes and Surveys

Under Properties, you now have Add/Edit Questions option under Quiz Questions, instead of the top right single tab next to Reports Setup as it used to be. You can create new quizzes and import quizzes from the question library here.


New Assessment tab

For Quizzes and Surveys, all information related to quiz assessment such as associated Grade Items, Rubrics, and Attempts are now placed under the Assessment tab. This is where you can associate the quiz with Grade Items and Rubrics and also set up the number of attempts.

quiz assessment tab

10.3 Upgrade - ePortfolio

Add Reflection Activity from Content

Students can write reflections on content items for their ePortfolio from the Content area. By clicking on Reflect in ePortfolio under the content item, a window opens allowing the student to write a reflection. Relevant Tags are automatically created before being published in the ePortfolio.

eportfolio reflection

Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site[https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au] for up to date information and resources on blended learning. Provide feedback on this help resource by visiting the Help Site Feeback forum [https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au/forum/helpsite-feedback.html].

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service[http://servicedesk.vu.edu.au] for further technical support.



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