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Browser Compatibility


We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (latest version 29.x.x)

This page serves as a guide to browser compatibility with VU Collaborate. We recommend the use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your default browser as we have found these to be the most suitable.

PC’s on the VU network

Google Chrome has been pushed out throughout the VU network and can be found on all university computers. Google Chrome will automatically download and install any updates, keeping itself up to date. Due to legacy issues with other VU systems the standard versions of Firefox (version 12 from 2012) and Internet Explorer (version 7 from 2009) on VU computers are now quite out-dated. Unless you have updated these browsers manually they are the norm found on most VU computers, these older versions are not compatible with some of VU Collaborates features (e.g; drag and drop) or core applications (e.g; REVU playback). Thus once again we recommend the use of Google Chrome. Please note that in some circumstances updating your version of Internet Explorer may cause problems with existing VU systems, such as “VU connect”.

Apple Safari

Many Apple users prefer Safari as their default browser, there have been no issues in relation to Safari compatibility and VU Collaborate, as long as you are using an up to date version. Safari can be updated via the Apple “App store” and/or through your normal system updates (depending on the version of MAC OSX). Please note that we do not recommend the use of VU Collaborate with the Windows version of Safari as it has been discontinued as of 2012. 


Analysis of browsers v. functionality

Internal Video Playback

VU Collaborate will play most native mp4 video files through its inbuilt player however; you will need to install external plugins to support a wider variety of media.

Windows Media Player extension will allow you the play most “.avi”, “.mov” and “.wmv” files. It works by utilizing the already installed Windows Media Player on your Windows PC. Internet Explorer is preconfigured to run Windows Media Player by default.  The extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox, see links below.

Windows Media Player Extension for Chrome

For more information on installing Windows Media Player Extension for Chrome

Windows Media Player Extension for Firefox  

For more information on installing Windows Media Player Extension for Firefox

For Mac you may need to install additional software to support Windows Media such as “.WMV” and “.WAV” files through your browser. There are numerous software applications available, we have found that Flip4Mac works quite well and is free for the basic player version.  

Drag and Drop functionality 

“Drag and Drop” functionality allows a user to drag items from their desktop for direct upload into VU Collaborate. This feature will work on all current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. This feature is not supported on Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox ver. 12 which are part of the standard VU staff PC image. 


Embedding or viewing content

Modern browsers are increasingly introducing new measures to combat possible security risks. This can impact on embedding or viewing content within VU Collaborate. In Chrome and Firefox you may need to click on the shield icon located in the address bar and disable protection for the page, in Internet Explorer you will be prompted with a pop up. More information can be found at the link; Browser issues when embedding or viewing content.  


Sound recording

VU Collaborate has a voice recording feature which can be used to provide feedback. The voice recorder requires flash to be installed on the PC to function. Your browser will normally prompt you if you need to update or install flash. On another note recorded sound files are saved in uncompressed wave (.wav) format. As a native Microsoft format wave cannot be played on MAC computers without additional software, we recommend you use VLC Player to play these files after downloading. Download link for VLC Player for MAC


Use on mobile browsers  

Smartphones in general will open VU Collaborate in its mobile form. You may switch to the desktop version by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking “Desktop Version”. Tablet devices will open the full desktop version of the site.