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VU Collaborate Space Types

VU Collaborate will support a number of different types of online spaces. This includes personal spaces for instructors to build content, collaborative and communication based spaces, and spaces for teaching delivery.

Important: During 2014, some space types will be unavailable. If you have a previous Blackboard (WebCT) shell that falls into one of these space types and wish to discuss possible options for transitioning, please contact blendedlearning@vu.edu.au.

Key Terms

Space:  An online area in VU Collaborate that can be used for teaching and learning activities, collaboration, communication and assessment
Role:  The type of access and permissions granted to a user for a space
Enrol: To add a member to the space. Enrolment will be automatic or manually assigned, depending on the role and the space type. Depending on the role, the user’s name may or may not appear in the Classlist after enrolment.


Delivery space / Live teaching space:

A delivery space (live teaching space) has students enrolled in it, and is created for the purpose of teaching delivery. College staff with the Space Creator role create these spaces, and ensure the relevant teaching and/or coordination staff get access and are allocated the appropriate role. Students are automatically enrolled into the VU Collaborate space once their enrolment in VU Connect is finalised. Student access is dependent on the delivery start date. In order to create live teaching spaces that include automatic student enrolments, the correct details need to first exist in VU Connect.

There are a number of different delivery space types to choose from:


A Single Unit space is designed for delivery of one HE or VE/FE Unit over one teaching period (e.g. Semester). It may contain enrolments of students from one or multiple campus locations. If there is a requirement to build and deliver different content and activities for students in different campus locations, a new space can be created for each location delivery.


A Cluster space is designed for VE / FE delivery where several units are delivered together holistically or sequentially over a teaching period (the teaching period could be one semester or one year).

A Cluster space can be associated with one campus or multiple campuses being taught together. It is also possible to group different teaching periods together, for example to combine cohorts such as start of year and mid-year intakes.


A Multi-Unit space is a space for delivering several HE Units together holistically or sequentially. These Units may be delivered within one semester or span semesters and may be delivered to one campus or multiple campuses (if all the students are to be taught together). Where multiple campuses are taught separately, a new space must be created for each campus.



Your Sandpit is your personal online space in which you are enrolled as an instructor. In this space you can build, create, try things out and learn about VU Collaborate. There are no students enrolled in your Sandpit, except a Test Student. The Test Student allows you to experience your space from a student’s perspective. You can enrol a Space Reviewer in your sandpit if you want a colleague to view what you are working on. Anything that you create in your sandpit can easily be copied into a Delivery space at any time.


If you have requested a shell to be migrated from Blackboard (WebCT) to VU Collaborate, you will have access to your migrated space. You are enrolled in this space as an instructor and from here you can copy content into your sandpit or a live Delivery space. There are no students enrolled in your migrated space and it cannot be used for teaching delivery. Anything in your migrated space can easily be copied into a Delivery space.



All staff can access the Training Space. This space provides an overview of VU Collaborate and enables staff to become familiarised with the system. It includes resources for support and self-paced training.


All students have access the Student Induction space, which provides an overview of VU Collaborate. This space offers an opportunity for self-paced training, including performing relevant practice activities such as quizzes and discussion boards in order to become confident with using VU Collaborate.

Other Space Types

It is possible to create other space types within VU Collaborate; however, these will not be made available until Semester 1, 2015. If you have an existing Blackboard (WebCT) shell being used for one of these purposes and need to discuss further options, please contact the Blended Learning team at blendedlearning@vu.edu.au.


Collaboration spaces support teaching or other academic and support teams for collaborative purposes. This can include content building, trialling activities or curriculum development purposes. These spaces are similar to a Sandpit space in that they do not allow for student enrolments, however have the advantage of being able to enrol multiple staff with content building (e.g. Instructor) or reviewing (e.g. Space Reviewer) roles, to support design and planning activities.

Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site[https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au] for up to date information and resources on blended learning. Provide feedback on this help resource by visiting the Help Site Feeback forum [https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au/forum/helpsite-feedback.html].

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service[http://servicedesk.vu.edu.au] for further technical support.



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