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Setting up Org Unit Sharing Groups

Org unit sharing groups allow unit designers and administrators to set up sharing groups at the organisation, department, or unit level and share them with users. Org unit sharing groups may be optional (users may choose to apply them to specific items) or automatic (users have to use them). Automatic sharing groups may be visible (appear in the Sharing Groups area) or hidden (users don't see the group).

Course level org unit sharing groups are set up by a unit designer and shared with users in a unit.

Organisation level sharing groups are set up by administration staff and shared with all users in an organisation, or a specific set of org units from across the organisation. Permissions are cascading; groups you create at the organisation or department level are shared with all users enrolled in units (and other child org units) under the organisation or department. You can restrict which units (or other child org units) the group is shared with using theAdd Org Unitsfilter options.

Use case scenarios

  • You are teaching a career development unit in which you encourage unit participants to share their resumes and career objectives with other members of the unit and career advisors. You create a sharing group for sharing those items to make the process easier.
  • You are teaching a fourth grade computer unit that has a unit on using My ePortfolio. You encourage your unit participants to upload a new portfolio item each week that exemplifies their learning and to write a reflection on it. You tell the class that their work is shared and encourage them to exchange comments and ideas. You create a hidden, automatic sharing group that shares your unit participants' items to make the process easier.

Important: If you select the Automatically share items with this sharing group option, ensure you let the affected users know they are automatically sharing items and only apply your org unit sharing group to appropriate roles.

Access Unit or Department Sharing Groups

  1. Open a unit (or other org unit).
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Space Admin on the navbar and then click Sharing Groups.
    • Click Sharing Groups in the Course Administration widget.

Create a Unit or Department Sharing Group

  1. On the unit-level Sharing Groups page, click New Sharing Group.
  2. Give the group a Name and Description.
  3. Click Show Advanced Sharing Options.
  4. Select the Automatically share items with this sharing group check box if you want this group automatically applied to all items that meet the group’s filters.

    Important: This setting forces all users (regardless of role) in the unit to use this sharing group. Use the Role Filter to specify which roles the group should apply to.

  5. If you selected the Automatically share items with this sharing group check box, complete the following steps:
    1. Select whether you want the sharing group to be visible to users or hidden.

      Important: If you hide the sharing group, users will not be able to determine which items they are automatically sharing or the permissions other users have.

    2. Use the Type Filter options to specify which item types to apply the sharing group to.
    3. Use the Tag Filter options to restrict the sharing group to items that use specific tags.
    4. Use the Role Filter to specify which roles the sharing group is shared with.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Add Users.
  8. Browse for the users you want to add. Use the Search For field to narrow your browsing results. Users with cascading roles must perform a search to display results.
  9. Click on users or groups of users in the browse listing to add them to the Selected Users list. Click the Remove icon beside those users or groups of users you want to remove from the Selected Users list.
  10. Select the permissions you want the selected users to have and click Add.
  11. Click Save and Close.

You can adjust permissions for individual users or groups of users by clicking the Edit Permissions icon beside their name in the Sharing Group Members list.
You must ensure that your unit participants enable comments and assessments for their items if you want to use permissions relating to comments and assessments.
If you apply a sharing group to users’ My ePortfolios and leave it visible, users can add it to additional items that are not covered by your filter settings.