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Integrating the ePortfolio into course delivery

This Learning Map describes a process of what teaching staff need to do to plan for the integration of ePortfolios into their courses including:

  • Defining the purpose of an ePortfolio
  • Introducing ePortfolios to students
  • Assessing with ePortfolios

This map is a suggested workflow, however, it is up to individuals to interpret this map and suit their contexts. 



Defining the purpose of an ePortfolio




Introducing ePortfolios to students

  • Uploading Items and Creating Collections

    • Demonstrate the type of Artifacts that should be uploaded.
    • Demonstrate examples of Collections that can be used to organise items
  • Direct students in creating Presentations.

  • Using Reflections

    Reflections are probably the simplest and most commonly used item that should be encouraged regularly and utilised as a self-asessment tool.

    Consider what type of Reflections you will ask students to make on their own and other students work.

    • Demonstrate how Reflections can be added to Artifacts and Presentations
  • Sharing and Pushing Items

    Consider what things should students share and seek feedback on from collegues and their teacher?

    • Demonstrate the sharing of items by setting approipriate sharing permissions that allow feedback and encourage students to add comments and reflections to their own and other student work.
    • Set up Sharing Groups to promote collaboration and constructive feedback between students
    • As an instructor or teaching convenor you can Push Artifacts to student Presentations to intiate a response or reinforce feedback
  • Using the ePortfolio Mobile App

    Consider introducing the use of this mobile app which allows students to use their mobile phone to upload artifacts to their ePortfolio and make comments on shared posts and reflections.




Assessing with ePortfolios