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Managing Attendees

Adding Attendees

Adding attendees to your Virtual Classroom is necessary only under the following circumstances:

  1. You are creating a Restricted Virtual Classroom And/Or
  2. You are inviting external participants (individuals not listed in the VU Collaborate classlist) to the room.

Please Note: If you are creating a Public Room, and do not need to add external participants, then you do not need to Add Attendees to your Virtual classroom, as all participants listed in your VU Collaborate classlist will be automatically enrolled in your Virtual classroom under the Participant role.

If you meet one or both of the above criteria, you will need to Add Attendees to your Virtual classroom. You may Add Attendees to your Virtual classroom either when creating a New Room (see Creating Rooms help page) or by editing a previously created room (see the Edit Rooms help page).

From within either the New Room or Edit Room screen click the Add Attendees button.  

Add attendees


Adding Participants from VU Collaborate space

To add a participant enrolled in VU Collaborate space to your Virtual Classroom:

Search: If your space contains a large quantity of users or groups and/or sections, use the Search bar to search for them.

Users tab within the Add Attendance, choose the attendees as needed

Groups/Sections  tab within the Add Attendee screen you will be able to select a specific group or section (or multiple groups or sections) as needed.

Add participants


Adding External Attendees

Click the Add External Attendee link :-

Type the email address(es) of the individual(s) you would like to invite to your Virtual classroom in the text field. You may enter email addresses one at a time, or you may enter multiple addresses at a time, separating each email address with a semicolon. Click the Add button to add the email address(es) to the list of recipients.

Review Selected Items: The email address(es) of the external participant(s) you are inviting to your Virtual classroom will be displayed in the Review Selected Items area. Review the list of email addresses to ensure you have entered the correct email address for each individual. If you have entered an email address incorretly, or need to remove an address added mistakenly you may click the Red X to the right of the email address to remove it.

When finished, click the Add button to return to the New Room or Edit Room screen. If you are finished creating/editing your room click the blue Save button to save and exit the Virtual classroom.

 Add external attendees

Deleting Attendees

To delete an Attendee from within the New Room or Edit Room screen, scroll down to the Attendees section at the bottom of the page, do one of the following:

  • To delete a single attendee click the trash can to the right of the attendees name And/Or
  • To delete multiple attendees, check the check boxes to the left of their names, then click the Delete link at the top of the list of Attendees.

Delete attendees

Edit Roles

If you need to change the role of a particapant or group of participants you can do so either when creating a New Room or by editing a previously created room. To edit the role of an Attendee, do the following:

Locate the users, group/sections whose role you want to edit and click the Pencil icon, located under the Role column.

From the drop down menu, select the new role you want to assign the attendee.

Click the Apply button

Repeat steps 1 -3 for each role you need to edit. When finished click the Save button.

 edit role