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10.3 Upgrade - Discussions

Improved Discussions Interface

10.3 provides a compact and simple structure with a ‘reading view’ in Discussions. Topics are all displayed in separate boxes under the Discussion List as below:

Discussion forum

Similarly, when you click on one of the topics, threads are displayed in separate boxes. Here, you can see how many unread (comments)/replies/views were made for each thread. You can also sort threads by Most Recent, Oldest, Authors, etc. as below:

Discussion threads

When you are in the View Topic mode, you have access to a panel that allows you to move across different topics and forums easily.

Discussion thread panel

Discussion thread/posts action options

The dropdown menu allows you to perform a variety of actions including, edit thread, mark all posts as Un/read, Pin Thread, Flag Thread, etc. Further, you can Reply to Thread either from the top or bottom of the posts.

Discussions editing options