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Moderating discussions and approving messages

If a topic requires message approval, posted messages only appear to users with permission to approve messages. You must manually approve these messages to make them visible to all users. When a user with permission to approve messages posts in a topic, their message displays automatically without requiring approval.

You can turn message approval on or off from the Properties tab when creating or editing a forum or topic. Once you turn message approval on, a Posts require approval icon appears beside the forum or topic name, indicating that a user with the appropriate permissions must approve any messages before they display in that forum or topic.

If a message is not appropriate for the topic and you do not want to approve it, you can do any of the following:

  • Leave the message unapproved.
  • Edit the message before approving it.
  • Delete the message.


Approving messages

Approve a message

Click Edit from the context menu of the forum or topic you want to add message approval to and select Messages must be approved before being displayed in the Properties tab to ensure that you have the ability to approve messages activated.

If you are using the Grid Style message list, do one of the following:

  • Open the message and click Approve in the message.
  • Select the check boxes beside the messages you want to approve from the message list and click Approve at the top of the list.

If you are using the Reading Style message list, click Approve beneath the message header.

Unapprove a previously approved message

Do one of the following:

  • Grid Style  Open the message and click Unapprove in the message.
  • Reading Style  Click More actions beneath the message header, then click Unapprove in the message.


Finding messages that require approval

You can find unapproved messages in the following ways:

  • On the Discussions List page, the number of unapproved messages displays beneath each topic that requires message approval. To see only topics that contain unapproved messages, select “Unapproved” from the Filter by tool navigation area.
  • Inside a topic, if you have the Discussions List sidebar turned on, the number of unapproved messages is the second number that displays in parentheses beside each topic. For example, a topic that reads “First Test Questions (5) (3)” has three messages requiring approval.
  • In a topic's message list, identify unapproved messages by the Message Requires Approval icon. To see only messages that require approval, select “Unapproved Only” from the View drop-down list at the top of the page.


Editng other users' discussion messages

Editing a message allows you to change the subject or message text, add or remove attachments, or change whether the message is pinned. You cannot make a message anonymous or change the name of the message author—the original author’s name remains even after a message has been edited. Users who edit a message appear in a list in the message’s history.

Identify edited messages by the Last Edited icon in the message header.

Edit a message

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Grid Style  Click on the message, then click Edit Message.
    • Reading Style  Click More Actions beneath the message header, then click Edit at the top of the message.
  2. Make your changes.
  3. If you are using the Grid Style message list, click Save. If you are using the Reading Style message list, click Post.

Viewing a discussion message's history

 When a message is edited, the message history records all previous versions of the message, who edited it, and when it was approved or unapproved.

View a message’s history

Do one of the following:

  • Grid Style  Click on the message, then click History from the message's More Actions button.
  • Reading Style  Click the More actions link below the message header, then click History at the top of the message.