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Viewing user information

The Classlist tool is a convenient starting point for viewing information about your users. For example, you can check who’s online, view profiles, and check group enrollment.

To view information about your users, use the context menu beside users’ names or at the top of the Classlist.

Print Prints a list of selected users in the unit.
Email Email selected users.
Page Page selected users.

Tip  Check for the Online icon beside users’ names before paging them.

Enrollment Change selected users' role.
Unenroll Un-enroll selected users from the unit.

Tip  You can view profile, grade, and user progress information for users that were unenrolled from a unit in the Reports area.

Impersonate Impersonate the selected user. Impersonating a user enables you to view, create, and edit content as if you were that user.
Change account settings Changes users' password, and enables you to send them an email containing a link to reset their password.
Email password reset link Sends users an email containing a link to reset their password.
View progress View the User Progress page for a quick overview of a user’s progress on dropbox folders, quizzes, and other unit content.
View shared locker files View locker files shared by the selected user. Users share locker content by selecting the Make uploaded file(s) public to others option when adding files to their locker.
View group enrollments View which groups a user is enrolled in.
View blog View the selected user’s blog. You can only view items the user has made public.