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Using VU Collaborate’s communication tools for unit delivery

This Learning Map describes the process of integrating VU Collaborate’s powerful communication tools into units to facilitate communication during teaching. It is divided into 1) Getting Started, 2) Delivery, and 3) Communication with Students. This map is a suggested workflow and it may be modified to suit specific contexts.

Getting Started


Getting started with Class List and Groups




Tools to assist the delivery of teaching


Communication with students 


How to communicate with students



Introducing Calendar
About Calendar
Viewing your calendar
Setting up your calendar display
Creating personal tasks
Exporting events and subscribing to iCal feeds
How-To Guide: Setting Due Dates with Calendar
Creating and adding events
Managing calendar events
About Chat Room
Creating and managing a personal chat room
Using chat room
Managing chat session archives
How-To Guide: Creating a Chat Room
Creating and managing a general (course) chat room
Introducing Classlist
How-To Guide: Impersonating a Test Student
About Classlist
Using Classlist
Viewing user information
Viewing Classlist enrollment statistics
Changing Classlist tab settings
Adding course participants from Classlist
Viewing User Progress
Managing user auditors
How-To Guide: Enrolling a Space Reviewer
About Discussions
Finding and reading messages
How-To Guide: Using Discussions
Posting and replying to messages
Discussions settings
Assessing (evaluating) a discussion topic
Creating discussion forums and topics
10.3 Upgrade - Discussions
Viewing and exporting discussion statistics
Moderating discussions and approving messages
Managing forums, topics, and messages
Restricting access to discussion forums and topics
Introducing Discussions
About Email
Composing (creating) emails
Managing email messages
Using email folders
Changing email settings
Using the Address Book
Disabling your course address book
About Instant Messenger
Sending and receiving messages
Viewing Instant Messenger logs
Adding and removing Instant Messenger contacts
Introducing News
About News
Managing news items
Subscribing to News' RSS feed
Creating a news item
About Virtual Classroom
How-To Guide: Creating Virtual Classrooms
Managing Rooms
Participating in a Virtual Classroom
Managing Attendees
Introducing Virtual Classroom
About ReVU
How-To Guide: Viewing and Linking to a Recording
How-To Guide: Booking a ReVU Recording
How-To Guide: Viewing and Managing ReVU Recordings
revU - test102
revU - test101