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Setting survey branching

If you have Multiple Choice and True or False questions in your survey, it is possible to add branching. Branching is an optional feature that a site administrator must enable for your unit offering.

  1. On the Manage Surveys page, click on the survey you want to add branching to.
  2. Click the Layout/Questions tab.
  3. Click Branching Wizard. The wizard displays a list of the questions in your survey and their corresponding types. Answers are shown for Multiple Choice and True or False questions. You have the option to skip questions or terminate the survey based on the answer to a Multiple Choice or True or False question.
  4. Choose the answers that you want to create a branch from and fill in appropriate branching information.
  5. Click Save.

Note  When branching is used, survey questions present one at a time, each on a separate page (in other words, page breaks are inserted between every question).