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The information in this guide applies to the Teaching Convenor and Instructor roles.

Creating random sections in quizzes

Create random sections in quizzes to distribute a unique set of questions to individual users. Random sections pull questions from a designated pool of questions stored in the Question Library. You can specify how many questions users receive from the random question pool after you import questions from the Question Library into the random section folder. 

Note: Since you can only access random sections within quizzes, you must create a quiz before you can create its random sections. Refer to the How-To Guide: Creating a Quiz to learn about creating a quiz. 

Access Quizzes 

From the Assessments nav bar, click Quizzes 


Create a random section in a quiz

  1. On the Manage Quizzes page, click on the quiz you want to add random section
  2. In the Layout/Questions tab, click Add/Edit Questions

create random section

Create New Random Section

Click New, then select Random Section

Create Random Section

New Random Section

Enter a Section Name and optionally you can add other details such as Message or Private Comments and then click Save to finish.

New Random Section

Import Questions into Random Section

Click on the random section you just created 

Import Questions

Import Questions

Click Import

Import questions

Import Questions from source collection

  1. In the Source Section drop down list, choose the Collection Root (questions from Question Library) or a specific section where existing questions reside.
  2. Select the questions you want to import and then click Save.

Note: You can import an infinite number of questions from the Question Library intro each random section, but you cannot create new questions within random section folder


Random Section properties

  1. Enter the Questions per attempt you want each user to see from the list.
  2. Enter the points value for each question in the Points each field.

Note: All questions within a random section are assigned the same points value.

Random section properties

Edit Quiz

You can specify the number of questions per page and click Apply and click Save and Close. You will be back to Quizzes main screen. 

Edit Quiz

Manage Quizzes

To test the quiz you can preview the quiz or you can impersonate as a ‘Test Student’. To learn how to impersonate a test student, see the How-To Guide: Impersonating a Test Student

Manage Quizzes

Further Support

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