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Introducing Quizzes, Self-Assessments & Surveys


Quizzes, Self Assessments and Surveys are called Question Tools. Although these tools are used for many different purposes, they have similar properties and all use the same question types. This guide will briefly introduce all three of the Question Tools as well as the Question Library. The Question Library is a central repository where you can create, edit and store questions to use in all your Question Tools.  

Question Tools:

  • Quiz: online tests or exams that allow you to provide formal grades and feedback
  • Self Assessment: online quizzes with hints and answers that provide students with immediate feedback on their learning
  • Survey:  online question and submission tool that saves responses and generates reports but is not graded

Tip: You can create questions in each Question Tool separately, but if you use the Question Library those questions can be reused and repurposed. You simply import.

Finding Question Tools and the Question Library


You can access Quizzes, Self-Assessments and Surveys from the Assessments menu on the navbar.

Choose one of these and you will see the Question Library tab.

Question Library via Quizzes questionLibraryViaQuizzes

Question Library via Self AssessmentsquestionLibraryViaSelf

Question Library via SurveysquestionLibraryViaSurveys

library-18Question Library Features


  1. Section Panel – lists all the sections (a section is similar to a folder) you have created to manage your questions
  2. New menu – to create new sections and questions
  3. Import menu– to import from a .txt file or from any quiz, self assessment or survey you have in your Space
  4. Section names with dropdown actions to edit questions or sections
  5. Question type (e.g. Multiple Choice), points value per question and date last modified
  6. Bulk Actions – move, delete or re-order selected items

Question Types

A range of question types including auto-graded (e.g. True/False, Multiple Choice) and manually graded (e.g. Long Answer) questions are available.

Question types
  1. Question types available
New question page

Each question type allows you to:

  1. Set points value and difficulty
  2. Enter question text in the HTML editor
  3. Insert an Image
Provide Hints and Feedback
  1. Provide a Question Hint
  2. Provide Question Feedback

quiz-02Quizzes Introduction

The VU Collaborate Quiz tool enables you to create and manage points-measured assessments. You can use the Quiz tool to:

  • Create quizzes or tests that are linked to Grades
  • Import existing questions from the Question Library or create new ones
  • Evaluate student learning progress and learning outcomes and compare user statistics
  • Release quizzes on certain conditions, control the time available to take the quiz as well as number of attempts
  • Preview quizzes to test the accuracy of content and grading before they are released


Quizzes Features

On the Manage Quizzes tab:

  1. Question Library - access the Question Library
  2. Statistics - view and export quiz statistics and reports
  3. New Quiz - to create a new quiz
  4. Edit Categories – to add and edit quiz categories
  5. More Actions – to copy, reorder and delete quizzes
  6. Editicons bulk editbulk edit quizzes
  7. Quiz name
  8. Dates the quiz is available
  9. Option to View by Category or Availability
  10. Number of student responses / number of published student responses

survey-08-08Surveys Introduction

VU Collaborate Surveys are an excellent way to get feedback from students regarding any aspect of your course. For example, they can be used as a method of collecting feedback on your delivery, or researching student learning preferences. Use Surveys to:

  • Create non-graded question/submission items
  • Use any question type and import from the Question Library
  • Generate, print and export individually configured survey reports


Surveys Features

On the Manage Surveys tab:

  1. Question Library - access the Question Library
  2. New Survey - to create a new survey
  3. Edit Categories – to add and edit survey categories
  4. More Actions – to copy, reorder and delete surveys
  5. Survey name
  6. Dropdown menu - to view and export survey reports and statistics
  7. Option to Preview surveys by Availability or Category

selfie-03-03Self-Assessment Introduction

The VU Collaborate Self Assessment tool can be used to provide students with a series of questions and immediate feedback for responses for formative assessment. Question types available are similar to quizzes and can be imported from the Question Library, however, responses are not graded and questions do not have a points value or indicate level of difficulty.



Self-Assessment Features

On the Manage Self Assessments tab:

  1. Question Library - access the Question Library
  2. New Self Assessment - to create a new self assessment
  3. Edit Categories – to add and edit self assessment categories
  4. More Actions – to copy, reorder and delete self assessments
  5. Self Assessment name
  6. Dropdown menu - to preview the self assessment

Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site[https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au] for up to date information and resources on blended learning. Provide feedback on this help resource by visiting the Help Site Feeback forum [https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au/forum/helpsite-feedback.html].

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service[http://servicedesk.vu.edu.au] for further technical support.



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