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Creating a Quiz

To create a Quiz, complete the following steps:

Accessing quizzes

Accessing Quizzes

Click Assessments one and Quizzes on the nav bar and click New Quiz button.

New Quiz Properties

New quiz properties

Within the New Quiz Properties tab  and in the General two section page complete the following fields:

  • Enter a Name for the new quiz
  • Category : Group your quiz under an existing category or create a new category. Categories are useful for organising quizzes with    similar or related content
  • Grade Item : When associated with a quiz, you have the option to auto export quiz results to the My Grades tool.
  • Auto Export to Grades : The system can send auto-graded attempt scores directly to the grade book if a quiz is associated with a grade item.
  • Controls how grades appear to studentss. You can set whether they see their grades as straight values, percentages, or scheme levels.
  • Rubrics  Add a rubric to a quiz if you want to evaluate users with a predefined set of criteria. You can associate a rubric with a quiz to demonstrate fair and consistent evaluation.  

New Quiz Advanced Properties (Optional)

New Quiz Advanced Properties (Optional)

Within the New Quiz Properties tab  and in the Optional Advanced Properties section three complete the following fields:

  • Allow for Hints
  • Notification Email The email address or comma-separated list of email addresses specified in this field will receive an email message anytime that a    user completes a quiz attempt
  • Disable Right-Click mouse feature for the duration of the quiz
  • Disable Instant Messenger and Alerts feature of VU Collaborate for the duration of the quiz
  • Add a quiz Message
  • Add a Page Header or a Footer to a quiz


New Quiz Restrictions

New Quiz Restrictions

When finished setting your quiz properties, click theRestrictions tab. Within the New Quiz Restrictions tab  and in the Availability section four complete the following fields:

  • Status Change your quiz status to Active allows users to see and take a quiz.
  • You can specify a date or date range that your quiz becomes available to users.

Additional Release Conditions five

Create new, or attach existing release conditions if you want a quiz to be available to users only after they fulfill other specified tasks.

Examples of release conditions include completing a dropbox submission; scoring a specified grade in a particular quiz; completing a survey; and being enrolled in a particular section.

You can edit and change release conditions by clicking the Remove icon or Remove All Conditions.

New Quiz Restrictions Optional Advanced 

optional advanced restrictions new template

Within the New Quiz Restrictions tab  and in the Optional Advanced Restrictions section six complete the following fields:

  • Password : To access a quiz, users must enter the same password you input here.
  • IP Restriction : Users can only access a quiz from the IP address you specify here. Leave fields blank to allow multiple IP address access points.

In the Timing section seven complete the following fields:

  • Time Limit Enter a time limit for your quiz and select to enforce time and show clock. 120 minutes is the default time limit.
  • Grace Period : Enter a grace period to allow users to submit their quiz without a late flag after the quiz time limit expires.
  • Late Submission : Select a penalty type for late submissions. You can select to have a late flag and no points deduction with Allow normal submission, set Late Limit minutes to give users a late grace period before receiving an auto-grade of 0, or select Auto-Submit Attempt to have the system automatically prompt users to submit their quiz attempt and block them from saving further progress after the specified time limit and grace period expire.


New Quiz Restrictions Advanced Availability

Advanced Availability 8

Within the New Quiz Restrictions tab  and in the Advanced Availability section eight, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Add Users to Special Access to create special access to a quiz.
  2. You can search and assign specific Users a different set of quiz Availability dates and late submission properties.
  3. Special Access Properties enable you to increase the time limit for special-needs users and allow different start and end dates for individual users. 
  4. After you finish modifying special access properties and users permissions, click Add Special Access.
  5. When you return to the Advanced Availability section of the Restrictions tab, you can select Allow only users with special access to see this quiz to prevent other users from accessing the quiz.

New Quiz Attempts 

New Quiz Attemptnew

When finished setting your quiz restrictions, click the Attempts tab. 

Within the Attempts tab and in the Attempts section nine complete the following fields:

  • Advanced Attempt Conditions : Enter a maximum or minimum percentage achievement requirement for each quiz attempt to restrict access and determine qualification for another attempt.
  • Attempts : You can allow users one or more quiz attempts and calculate a grade based on their highest attempt, lowest attempt, first attempt, last attempt, or average of all attempts.


New Quiz Submission Views

New Quiz Submission Views

When finished setting your quiz Attemps, click the Submission Views tab

Within the Submission Views and in the Default View section ten complete the following fields

  • Default view : A default quiz submission view will appear to users after each quiz attempt submission.
  • Additional view : You can edit the default view or create and select a customised view.

Create an additional view

  1. Click Add Additional View to create a new submission view.
    • View Properties  Name your view and enter a message that will display to users after each submission.
    • View Restrictions  Set a date and time or click Now to determine when users will see the submission view. If you select Now, users will see the submission view immediately after a quiz submission. You can also choose to display a submission view after users complete a specified quiz attempt and/or achieve a required score.
    • View Details  You can customise and display questions, responses, question answers, scores, and statistics to users in the submission view.
  2. After changes are made, click Save View.

New Quiz Reports Setup (Optional)

New Quiz reports setup

When finished setting your quiz Submission Views, click the Reports Setup tab.

Within the Reports Setup you can use quiz reports to gather information on user performance. Quiz reports are different from quiz statistics; they collect and present more types of information than is available through statistics.

Choose a report type to display question statistics, question details, users statistics, attempt details, or user attempts. You can also select a release date and choose which roles have permission to view each report.

Create a report

  1. Click Add Report eleven
  2. Enter a Report Name
  3. Select Report Type:
    • Question Statistics  Displays class average, score distribution, includes bonus questions, and the Out Of value for each question.
    • Question Details  Displays question difficulty levels, text responses, includes bonus questions, and shows all private comments.
    • User Statistics  Displays class average, score distribution, and Org Defined ID.
    • Attempt Details  Displays Org Defined ID and duration of quiz attempt.
    • User Attempts  Displays Org Defined ID.
  4. You can choose to immediately release report after a quiz submission, or enter an alternate date and time.
  5. In the Release Report To area, select the check boxes next to the roles you want to release the report to.
  6. Click Save Report.

New Quiz Layout/Questions

New Quiz Layout/Questions

When finished setting your quiz Report Setup, click the Layout/Questions tab

Click Add/Edit Questions twelve to create quiz questions.

  • Create a question by choosing a question type from the New drop-down menu and choose the questions type you would like to create.
  • Note: To learn how to create different question types please visit the Creating Quiz Questions page.

  • Click Save and Close and you quiz will be created.

Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site[https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au] for up to date information and resources on blended learning. Provide feedback on this help resource by visiting the Help Site Feeback forum [https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au/forum/helpsite-feedback.html].

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service[http://servicedesk.vu.edu.au] for further technical support.



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