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About Question Library 

The Question Library is a central repository that stores and archives questions which you can share and reuse for all assessment tools within a unit. You can create multiple collections within the Question Library to organise your questions by type and topic, making it easier for you to find questions for your quizzes, surveys, and self assessments..

As a best practice for storage, organisation, and easy access, we recommend that you create all your questions using the Question Library. You can consolidate questions created within the Quizzes, Surveys, and Self Assessments tools by importing them back into the Question Library.

Access the Questions Library

 Do one of the following:

  • Click Assessment and QuizzesSurveys, or Self Assessments on the navbar.
  • Click Space Admin on the navbar, click Quizzes,  Surveys, or Self Assessments from the Assessment section on the Space Administration page.
  • For more information click the Help Topics tab