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Grading and publishing to students

The Grades tool lets you set up a gradebook and record students’ scores in VU Collaborate. Grade items can be tied to other unit objects, such as quizzes, or discussion forums or they can exist independently representing a workplace observation or oral presentations.

Entering Grades into the Gradebook

Step 1: Access Grades

Access Grades

To enter grades for independent grade items, go to Grades from the Results menu in the navbar.

Note : Grades that are linked to quizzes or assessment dropboxes will automatically move to the gradebook and don’t need to be entered manually.

Step 2: Switch view

Switch View

Go to the Enter Grades tab to enter, import, and export grades for your students. You can switch between the standard view of the grade book and a spreadsheet view that allows you to enter grades directly into the User List.

Step 3: Enter Grades manually

Enter Grades manually

From Spreadsheet View, you can enter grades manually for grade items that exist independently. Next to the grade item, click Grades.Main.actEnterGradesGrade All from the context menu.

Step 4: Finalise grades

Finalise grades

Enter grades in the Grade fields, and if you want to add comments click the Enter Comments icon. Click Save and Yes to reflect these changes. 

Note: These Grades can be changed or updated at any time. To see history of updates, click on the Event Log Grades.Main.actEventLog which records when a grade is updated and by whom.

Confirming the Final Grades

Before publishing results to students, you have to confirm the Final Grades. Step 2 of the Setup Wizard prompts you to select the type of final grade to release to students, the Final Calculated Grade or the Final Adjusted Grade.

Calculated Final Grade is calculated based on the grading system you have set up in the grade book. You cannot adjust it to accommodate special circumstances without editing individual grade items or categories and recalculating the total.

The Adjusted Final Grade enables you to modify or adjust a student’s grade before releasing it.

This can be changed in the Setup Wizard at any time.

Calculated Final Grade

Selected Calculated Final Grade in Step 2 and Auto Update in Step 3 of the Grades Setup Wizard

Step 1: Grade all

Grade all

Grades are automatically updated in the Final Calculated area. Publish the results by selecting Grade All from the context menu next to Final Calculated Grade field.


Step 2: Release Final Calculated grades

Release Final Calculated grades

Tick Release Final Calculated Grade to your students and click Save to return to the Enter Grades area.


Warning: If you did not select Auto Update in Step 3 of the Setup Wizard a calculator symbol will appear and you will need to select Grade all then click the icon to recalculate the grade. Alternatively you go to the Setup Wizard and select Auto Update in Step 3. 

Calculate the grade


Step 3: Grades Confirmation

Grades confirmation

The Grades.Main.actRelease icon to the right of the Final Adjusted Grade confirms that the grades have been published to the students.

Step 4: Adjust grade column

Adjust grade column

You can remove the Final Adjust Grade column from the More Actions button. Select manage columns, uncheck Final Adjusted Grade and click Save..

Student View of the Final Calculated Grade

Student View Final Calculated grades


Adjusted Final Grade

Selected Adjusted Final Grade in Step 2 and Auto Update in Step 3 of the Grades Setup Wizard

Step 1 : Confirm Final Adjusted Grade.

Confirm Final Adjusted Grade

To confirm the Final Adjusted Grade, select the context menu and select Grade All.

Step 2: Enter manual grades

Enter manual grades

You can type the grade in manually in the Final Adjusted Grade field or you can click on the green icon Grades.Main.actTransfer to transfer final calculate grade if you decided not to adjust the grade then click Save and Cancel to return to Enter Grades area.

Step 3: Release final grades

Release final grades

To Release the final grade for all selected students, select the students and select Release/Unrelease Grades.Main.actRelease icon or check Release Final Adjusted Grade checkbox and click Save and Cancel to return to Enter Grades area.

Step 4: Grades published

Grades published

The Grades.Main.actRelease  icon right to the Final Adjusted Grade confirms the grades published to the students

Student’s view of the Final Adjusted Grade

Student's view Final adjusted grade


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site[https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au] for up to date information and resources on blended learning. Provide feedback on this help resource by visiting the Help Site Feeback forum [https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au/forum/helpsite-feedback.html].

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service[http://servicedesk.vu.edu.au] for further technical support.



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