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Creating a Grade Scheme

  1. On the Schemes page, click New Scheme.
  2. Enter a Name for the scheme.
  3. Enter a Short Name to display in the grade book.
  4. Define your grade Ranges.
    1. Enter the symbol you want to display for the grade range in the Symbol column. E.g., “A” or “Excellent” or “4.0”
    2. Enter the lowest grade to include in the range in the Start % column.

      Note  The first range starts at 0 and ends at the next range’s Start %.

    3. Select the color you want associated with the range in the Color column.
    4. Enter the numeric grade you want users to achieve when they are evaluated using the grade scheme in the Assigned Value % field. For example, selectbox grade items use the Assigned Value % to apply a points value to the item for calculating the final grade.

      Note:  If you do not assign a value, the start percentage is used as the default.

  5. Click Add Ranges to add additional grade scheme levels
  6. Click the Delete icon beside a grade scheme level to delete it.
  7. Click Save.