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About Turnitin?

Turnitin is online software that compares the content of text-based assignments/essays against a global database of websites, journals and assignments/essays submitted by other students.

Students use Turnitin to check their work for paraphrasing and referencing.

Teachers use it to check the originality of student’s work and provide feedback.


Why use it?


Turnitin enables your students to submit assignments electronically and enables you to grade and provide feedback electronically; anytime, anywhere.


Turnitin helps your students develop their academic writing skills by promoting proper citation and paraphrasing.

It also improves your capacity to make quality assessment judgements by supporting the detection of plagiarism, and allows you to compare, provide feedback on and grade multiple drafts or versions of student essays over time to review their progression.


Turnitin automatically generates detailed originality reports that your students can use as feedback about their assessments prior to submission, engaging them in the learning process.