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Designing, creating and conducting assessments 

This Learning Map describes a suggested process of how teaching staff may design, create and conduct assessments using VU Collaborate tools. This map is indicative of the provisioned workflow, however, it is up to individuals to interpret this map and suit their contexts. 


Before Delivery

Build your assessment tools


During/After Delivery




Question Library CSV file Generator
Learning Map: Assessments
About Assessment Dropbox
How-To Guide: Assessing with Turnitin
How-To Guide: Downloading Group Assessments
Introducing Assessment Dropbox
How-To Guide: Creating an Assessment Dropbox
Submissions, Reviews and Viewing Assessment Dropbox Feedback
Creating categories and dropbox folders
Managing categories and folders
Previewing dropbox folders and submissions
Viewing submitted files
Managing assessment dropbox submissions
Leaving feedback and grading dropbox submissions
About Turnitin
How-To Guide: Creating and Viewing a Turnitin Assignment
How-To Guide: Using Turnitin’s GradeMark
Using Dropbox OriginalityCheck
Using Dropbox GradeMark
About Question Library
Creating questions in the Question Library
Managing questions in the Question Library
Importing questions into the Question Library
Creating sections in the Question Library
Understanding regular expressions
Creating true or false questions
Creating multiple choice questions
Creating multi-select questions
Creating long answer questions
Creating short answer questions
Creating multi-short answer questions
Creating fill in the blanks questions
Creating matching questions
Creating ordering questions
Creating arithmetic questions
Creating significant figures questions
Creating Likert questions
Creating text information
Creating image information
Introducing Quizzes, Self Assessments & Surveys
How-To Guide: Creating a Quiz
About Quizzes
How-To Guide: Creating Random Sections in Quizzes
Taking a quiz
Viewing your submission information and graded quizzes
10.3 Upgrade - Quizzes & Surveys
Viewing quiz reports
Managing quizzes
Creating quiz questions
Creating bonus quiz questions
Importing quiz questions
How-To Guide: Uploading Quizzes via Respondus
Managing quiz questions
Creating quiz sections
Creating random sections in quizzes
Creating and managing quiz categories
Grading a quiz
Submitting a user’s quiz (impersonating a user)
Viewing quiz statistics
Introducing Rubrics
About Rubrics
Creating a rubric
Managing rubrics
Viewing rubric statistics
10.3 Upgrade - Rubrics
About Self Assessments
Creating self assessments
Managing self assessments
Creating self assessment questions
Importing self assessment questions
Managing self assessment questions
Creating self assessment sections
Creating random sections in self assessments
Creating and managing self assessment categories
Quicklinking self assessments to course content
About Surveys
Creating surveys
Managing surveys
Creating survey questions
Importing survey questions
Managing survey questions
Creating survey sections
Creating and managing survey categories
Setting survey branching
Viewing survey results
Viewing survey reports
Introducing Grades
About Grades
Viewing your grades
Understanding grading systems
Understanding final grade calculations
Creating a grade book with the Grades Setup Wizard
Changing grades settings
Understanding grade schemes
How-To Guide: Grading and Publishing to students
Creating a Grade Scheme
Managing grade schemes
Creating a grade book category
Creating a grade item
Managing grade categories and items
Entering grades
Importing and exporting grades
Calculating final grades
Editing the calculated or adjusted final grade
Manage Grades Event Log
Tracking grades with User Progress
Creating a formula in the grades formula editor
Viewing grade statistics
How To Guide: Setting Up VE Gradebook
About Attendance
Viewing your attendance data
Creating and managing attendance registers and sessions
Understanding attendance schemes and statuses
Creating and managing attendance schemes
Setting default attendance schemes
Managing Attendance Data
Understanding the % Attendance calculation
How-To Guide: Creating an Attendance List
About User Progress
Introducing User Progress