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Craig has a PhD in history and has worked at the intersection of all things digital and teaching and learning in the humanities for many years. He is one of the founders of the Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH) and has worked in the area of ''digital humanities'' at Kings College London and the University of Virginia. Presently he is a eLearning academic for Victoria University based at Nicholson Campus and is keen to explore and advance best-practice for teaching the humanities using digital tools and methods.
Keith Kirkwood is an Academic eLearning Advisor in the Blended Learning Unit. Keith comes from a previous background as Lecturer in the Student Learning Unit at VU, where he developed the social learning platform SNAPVU and established the peer-assisted writing centre, the Writing Space, in the VU Learning Commons.His experience with eLearning goes back to early postgraduate work in computer-assisted language learning at The University of Melbourne. His main practical and research interests are in developing peer, participatory, and collaborative learning potential in students and in developing vibrant online learning communities.

Mike has worked in the areas of elearning and online resource development for over 20 years and has knowledge of the instructional design and delivery strategies required to best utilise technology in education. Recently he has been involved in the integration of systems to achieve a ‘Single Signon’ environment between a Student Management System, Learning Management system and associated tools to better enhance student experience as well as reduce administrative burden.

In his current role, Mike is especially interested in the way VU Collaborate could be used for student grading in the VE sector and the complexities of implementing an LMS across a duel sector environment.