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Closing down WebCT – you need to prepare

At the end of 2014, WebCT will be decommissioned and you will no longer be able to access content stored in that system.

In order to prepare for this cut-off, you now need to consider carefully what content you have in WebCT and decide whether you need to backup/export/migrate any of it.  This needs to be done before 22nd December 2014.  It will not be possible to retrieve the content after this date.

Should I export or migrate?

If you have a whole unit’s worth of materials you wish to transfer into VU Collaborate, then migrating will be the easiest option. Likewise, if you have a lot of announcements you wish to re-use, or if you have several quizzes.

Please note:

  • You can only request to migrate 2013 and 2014 shells.  If you wish to reuse content from prior to 2013, you will need to export it.
  • Student data will NOT come across as part of migration. If you need to back up student grades/results/Turnitin assignments, you can do this via the export process.   
  • Migration does NOT create live delivery spaces for teaching.  These must be created via the “Space Creation” process.  Migration is only for the purpose of transitioning content from WebCT to VU Collaborate so that it is available for reuse.

If you only have a few resources (e.g. files such as Word documents, PDF’s, PowerPoints), then it will be quicker and easier to export them yourself.  You can then import them into VU Collaborate spaces later as needed.

How do I request to migrate?

  1. Go to the WebCT Migration page on the VU Collaborate Help site
  2. Login with your normal login credentials (top right hand corner “Staff Login”)
  3. Read the information about migration including the WebCT Migration Considerations and Exporting Content from WebCT pages
  4. Click on the “proceed to request” button.   You will need the following information to request a shell:
  • Name of Shell
  • Unit code
  • Year and teaching period/semester
  • Who needs access to the old content

If you encounter issues with the Migration request form, please ensure you are logged in to the site first (top right hand corner “Staff Login” and try again. For support with migration requests or with exporting content or student data, contact ITS Service Desk on 9919 2777 for further assistance.

Kind regards,

The Blended Learning Team


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