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This blog will keep you updated with news and information from the Learning Environments Team (LET) regarding VU Collaborate or blended learning in general. Please feel free to log in and comment on any of the posts or ideas. 

Linking from VU Collaborate to material in the Library course-reserves system

Linking from VU Collaborate to material in the Library course-reserves system


The best way to ensure rightful use of any third party material for education (e.g. published journal articles and book chapters) is to make it available via the Library course-reserves system.

Material in course-reserves can be easily linked and seamlessly accessed within VU Collaborate.

To place material in course-reserves, just fill in the writable form REQUEST FOR ITEM TO BE PLACED ON RESERVE AND E-RESERVE, which is available via the library intranet: http://intranet.vu.edu.au/library/Collections.asp

Submit the completed form to your campus library service desk or email to ereserve.stalbans@vu.edu.au or to ereserve.footspark@vu.edu.au

To link from VU Collaborate to an item on eReserve, use a permanent link or "permalink" to the record in the Library catalogue. Instructions on how to find a "permalink" for an item on eReserve are available on the Library intranet under: Copyright for teaching, Using permalinks to link eReserve titles.


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Training for VU Collaborate: more dates available

Additional VU Collaborate training sessions are now available on the VU Collaborate help site.  These are listed under ‘Non-College’ on the Training Calendar, and are available to staff across all Colleges. They include:

  • Training for Instructors/Coordinators (2 hours + 2 hours for those who need to design and build their online courses),
  • Training for Tutors (2 hours for those who need to know how to manage interactions and provide feedback)
  • Drop-in sessions (you must have attended training for Instructors/Coordinators or Tutors before coming to a drop-in session)
  • Lunchtime sessions (ReVU, Virtual Classrooms, Turnitin)

Last chance for Part A Instructor/Coordinator training before Winter/S2!

Please note that we are coming to the final listings for Part A training sessions prior to Winter term / Semester 2 delivery.  So if you haven’t attended a Part A session yet, and need to design and deliver online for Semester 2, please book in now!  If none of the session scheduled for your College suit,  you can book into another College’s session or one of the non-College sessions.   We will not be providing last-minute training for individuals.

Would you like to arrange specific training for a group of staff?

If your discipline team or group has a training need outside of the above and wishes to organise group training (8 or more staff), please email blendedlearning@vu.edu.au and we will aim to accommodate your needs. Please provide details of training needs/topic or tool, staff numbers, date and location preferences. Note that the Blended Learning team requires two weeks notice and may require you to organise the room booking.

 Any other questions about VU Collaborate, please email blendedlearning@vu.edu.au

The training Sessions available include:

VU Collaborate Instructor Part A (2 hours, Content and Communication) and Part B (2 hours, Assessment and Grading)  Limited additional ‘Non-College’ sessions are available over the next two weeks. You are also welcome to attend existing listings for other Colleges if you cannot find a session within your College that meets your availability needs.

VU Collaborate Tutor training (2 hours): Designed for those undertaking teaching delivery (i.e. not building and uploading online content or assessment activities). These tutor sessions cover all the ‘need to know’ activities for delivering, assessing student work and communicating with and supporting students within VU Collaborate. This includes navigation, communication tools, providing grades and feedback, viewing student progress and working with groups.

Lunchtime sessions: These sessions are 1 hour presentations exploring a key tool or activity. Includes sessions on Virtual Classrooms, Turnitin and ReVU (registrations not required).

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VU Collaborate Useful Information: Using Groups Tool


Re: VU Collaborate, useful information

This weekly email aims to provide you with tips for using VU’s new Learning Management System (LMS), VU Collaborate.  We will outline some of the new features of the LMS and provide links to the many helpful resources produced by the Blended Learning Team.  We have provided ‘play areas’ within VU Collaborate (sandpits) for you to investigate the new features of the system that will progressively be rolled out during 2014 to replace Blackboard (WebCT). Please note that most staff will continue to utilise Blackboard (WebCT) over Semester 1, and VU Collaborate will be available in Semester 2.   For further information regarding the timelines for VU Collaborate, please refer to the FAQ guide.

This week’s tip: Using the VU Collaborate Groups Tool

The Blended Learning Team have developed an extensive help site with a range of resources on issues such as course design and management collaborative activities in groups.  The Groups Tool can be used to create Assessment Drop Boxes that facilitate project and small group work, to control access and release option for groups, and to create self-sign-up groups so that students can form and manage their own groups.  For more information on Groups, see the help guide we have developed on the subject.

First time logging in? Using your regular login details please access your VU Collaborate sandpit via MYVU Portal.

We welcome you to view the Learning & Teaching website or contact the Blended Learning Team for more information about VU Collaborate, blendedlearning@vu.edu.au


Blended Learning Team

Centre for Collaborative Learning and Teaching
Victoria University
Melbourne Australia


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Learning Spaces Evaluation – What You Said!

Last year, the Blended Learning Team (CCLT) initiated conversations about learning spaces with staff and students through online surveys, emails, focus group discussions and interviews. These conversations have provided a better sense of what is working well and what needs attention across several VU Campuses, and we are pleased to present the first two reports for:

These reports provide full details of the findings, as well as discussion of the implications and recommendations of the evaluations.

We have also developed infographics for each campus, to show you at a glance the key issues identified by staff and students, and the way this information has already been used.

These evaluations are the first steps in creating a “full life-cycle” evaluation of learning spaces at VU, identifying the present day needs as defined by staff and students.

From this point we will follow up with post occupancy evaluations after each refurbishment/building project, that will:

  1. assesses how successful building works were in addressing the initial needs of staff and students
  2. ascertain whether the changes led to any innovation or improvement in learning and teaching

We hope that you will contribute to future discussions about learning spaces at VU.  If you have any queries about this, please contact Simon Lush simon.lush@vu.edu.au  for more information.


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Latest update for VU Collaborate for Semester 2, 2014


For those of you after the latest information on VU Collaborate, Dr Lisa Germany, the Associate Director, Blended Learning Team, has recorded a 20 minute video presentation that explains the project timeline, the new VU Collaborate roles, and other important information as we head towards Winter Term and Semester 2.    

Link to the ReVU personal capture recording:



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