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Add a Unit Outline to your VU Collaborate Space

Adding a Unit Outline to your Space in VU Collaborate

VU Collaborate allows you to quickly and easily add your Unit Outline to the Content area.  There are two areas in which you can do this:

  • Within the ‘Unit Overview’ area in Content
  • As a file within a module in Content, as part of the Table of Contents (preferred option)

Please note: The Unit Overview area is not searchable. This means if students are searching for information that only exists in your Unit Overview area, nothing will come up in the search. As such, you should also add the Unit Outline as a Module in Content. Adding the Unit Outline in a Content Module additionally allows you to also take advantage of linking to it from other activities (News items, Assessment Dropbox, other content areas, etc.).

For best practice, we recommend adding Unit Information in both Content areas, in order to best support students and to take advantage of extra features available in VU Collaborate.

How do I do it?

Adding your Unit Outline in a Content Module

Step 1: We recommend you create a new module at the top of your Content area (under Table of Contents), titled ‘Unit Information’ or ‘Welcome to the Unit’ (or equivalent descriptor).

Step 2: Select the module in which you wish to add Content.

Step 3: Add your Unit Outline using the drag and drop feature (drag a file from your computer into the drag area), or by using the New > Upload File option within the module.

You can find further instructions on how to do these tasks on the Creating content article of the VU Collaborate Help site.


Adding your Unit Outline to the Unit Overview area

Step 1: Go to the Content area of VU Collaborate and select Unit Overview

Step 2: Drag and drop the Unit Outline into the drag and drop area ‘Drag a file here to upload the attachment. Alternatively, click on the dropdown arrow next to the Unit Overview title and upload the attachment.

Step 3: Once uploaded, you will see your Unit Outline appear in the preview window.

Note: You can also add text content in the Unit Overview area, such as staff contact numbers or other key details about the course. 

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Alert - Students will soon have access to VU Collaborate spaces


Dear Staff creating spaces for convening/teaching,

This email is to alert you that all VU Collaborate spaces are automatically available to students 1 week before the start of each teaching period. Please make sure that your space is created, up to date and populated with relevant content one week in advance of the start date.

Resources for you:

The Start of Semester Planning Checklist can help you ensure that your space is ready by the time students get access.

If you intend to copy content between VU Collaborate spaces in preparation for the new teaching period, please see the Copying Space Components help pages.

For further support and training information go to https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au/

Resources for your students:

Student support resources, including printable guides and videos can be found on the VU Collaborate Student Help site at https://blendedlearning.vu.edu.au/student_help.

The Student Induction Space, which all students have access to, is also a valuable resource. Students can learn about VU Collaborate by experiencing it first-hand. You can view the Student Induction yourself by going to the Student Induction Space module in the Training Space, in which you are enrolled as a student.


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The Guest Instructor role in VU Collaborate

The Guest Instructor role in VU Collaborate

There may be times where you would like invite a non-VU staff member into your VU Collaborate Space as a guest lecturer, advisor or, in the case of VE delivery, perhaps a workplace assessor or employer. The ‘Guest Instructor’ role within VU Collaborate allows approved external people to interact with groups of students and view content in a space. 

Click here for more detail on the ‘Guest Instructor‘ and other roles in VU Collaborate, including what they can and can’t do in a space.

To enable access, you first need to obtain for them an e7xxxxx ID number.   This requirement is not specific to VU Collaborate, it is mandatory for any non-payroll person requiring access to any VU system. The process is simple and the turnaround time is about ~48 hours.

How to apply for an e7xxxxx ID number

(Note that this is an ‘onshore’ process. Please contact your VUI representative for offshore requests)

Email Professional Services - Professional.services@vu.edu.au with the subject title: ‘Non Payroll ID Request’.

Paste the following details into the body of the email and fill in the required data. The cost centre information is only used to allocate where any costs should be directed if the contractor is given a phone etc.

Information Required for a non-payroll ID number:


Family Name: 


Given Name: 


VU Site Location (Campus):


Expiry Date (1 year maximum):


Non VU Email Address:


Responsible Manager/ Supervisor:


Manager/ Supervisor's Staff ID number (e………):


Work Area (e.g. College of Arts):


Cost Centre:


Contractor’s extension number (if known):


Is this person a returning Contractor:



Once your request has been processed by Professional Services, you will be informed by email, as will ITS and the responsible manager identified in the application.  

The Space Convenor or Teaching Convenor of the VU Collaborate space can then add them to the space using their new e7xxxxxx number. 

If you have any issues with your application for an e7xxxxx number, please contact Professional.Services@vu.edu.au.

Please note that for IT security and reporting compliance purposes, all staff are required to login to VU Collaborate using a VU ID number (exxxxxxx). As Professional Services are the only team authorised to create e7xxxxxx numbers, the blended learning team are unfortunately unable to assist you with this specific query.


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Informal Learning Spaces Evaluation – What Was Said!


Informal Learning Spaces Evaluation – What Was Said!

Last year, the Blended Learning Team (CCLT) started a conversation with students about the study and social spaces (also known as informal learning spaces) at their campus. This occurred via online surveys, emails and interviews. These conversations have provided a better sense of what is working well and what needs attention across VU’s campuses. We are pleased to present an infographic to show you at a glance the key issues identified and the way this information has already been used:


Also, here is a link to the full report which gives the full background, results and discussion of the evaluation.


We are keen to follow this up with discussions around a few of the key issues identified through this survey.

Students are welcome to join us to share more in-depth thoughts on informal and social spaces (duration 60 minutes).

By taking part they will go into the running to win a $100 gift voucher (2 available)

Students can get involved by sending an email to simon.lush@vu.edu.au

Simon Lush

Project Officer (Learning Spaces) – Blended Learning Team

Centre for Collaborative Learning and Teaching

Victoria University

Location: Footscray Nicholson Campus; Building D114

Phone: (03) 9919 7044

Email: simon.lush@vu.edu.au




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Important information: are you ready for VU Collaborate to go live?


Dear Staff,

VU Collaborate is ready for Semester 2 launch and most students will gain access this week or next.

  • VE Student access to VU Collaborate spaces starts 7th July
  • HE Student access to VU Collaborate spaces starts  14th July

We urge you to check your VU Collaborate spaces ASAP to ensure that all is as expected.   If it is not, please refer in the first instance to the following FAQs, and then contact blendedlearning@vu.edu.au or the ITS Service Desk on 9919 2777 if you need further assistance.

FAQs/Common queries

I requested a Space but I can’t see it.

Requesting a Space doesn’t automatically mean that you get enrolled in it. Did you enter your name and request a specific role at the end of the space request form (you can check your Space Request confirmation email)? If not, contact the Space Convenor/Teaching Convenor for the space to check that the space has been created and if so, ask them to enrol you (see below) with the appropriate role.


How do I enrol extra staff in my Space?

Additional enrolments of staff are done through the ‘Classlist’ in your VU Collaborate Space. Click here to see a guide on this process. Note: You will only be able to enrol other teaching staff if you are a Teaching Convenor or Space Convenor.  If you do not have this role in VU Collaborate, you must liaise with your Teaching Convenor or Space Convenor to do this for you.  For more information on which role to give another staff member when enrolling them, see VU Collaborate Roles.


My space is listed as ‘inactive’ and my students can’t see it.

An ‘inactive’ space is usually a sign that the space is actually a Migrated Space, not a Delivery space.

  • A Migrated Space is a copy of your Blackboard/WebCT material and will never be made available to students.  It only exists to provide a way for you to copy Blackboard/WebCT content into your VU Collaborate Delivery Space.
  • Your relevant Space Creator is required to submit a separate Space Creation request to generate your new Delivery Space for this semester. 

Please note that as per previous communications, the process of setting up a space can take up to a week at minimum. It is recommended that any outstanding requests for Semester 2 are completed immediately to ensure your students receive access ASAP.


Where are my students? How do I tell if they have access?

Students won’t get access until the ‘start date’ listed for the space (the date appears in the ‘My Spaces’ list on the Homepage).

If the start date has passed, we encourage you to check that your students have been enrolled in your space.  To do this, go to the ‘Classlist’ under the ‘Communication’ tab in your VU Collaborate space - any enrolled students will be listed there.

If you have any concerns about students that appear or don’t appear in your classlist:

  • Check your Space details (under ‘Space Admin’ – ‘Space information’ in your VU Collaborate space) to ensure that the correct Unit code, name, version, campus/location, semester and academic year have been used to create the space.  
    • If you are not sure of the correct details, please either look this up on Staff Connect or contact the SAVU helpdesk to confirm enrolment details. 
    • If you are certain of the details and confirm that incorrect details have been used to create the space, contact blendedlearning@vu.edu.au.
  • If the space has been set up correctly but you don’t see all your students, this is likely the result of enrolment issues/delays so please contact the SAVU helpdesk.   Please note, the Blended Learning team are unable to assist with enrolment issues or enable “back-door” access to VU Collaborate.   Enrolment issues can only be resolved via the enrolments team.


My new Delivery Space is blank. How do I copy content from another Space?

You can copy content from one Space to another (for example a Migrated Space or Sandpit space to new Delivery Space). Click here to see a guide on this process.


We welcome you to view the Learning & Teaching website or contact the Blended Learning Team for more information about VU Collaborate, blendedlearning@vu.edu.au


Blended Learning Team

Centre for Collaborative Learning and Teaching
Victoria University
Melbourne Australia



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