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Mike has worked in the areas of elearning and online resource development for over 20 years and has knowledge of the instructional design and delivery strategies required to best utilise technology in education. Recently he has been involved in the integration of systems to achieve a ‘Single Signon’ environment between a Student Management System, Learning Management system and associated tools to better enhance student experience as well as reduce administrative burden.

In his current role, Mike is especially interested in the way VU Collaborate could be used for student grading in the VE sector and the complexities of implementing an LMS across a duel sector environment.

VU Collaborate and Workplace Learning


The BLT has been investigating an assessment activity that workplace based learners undertake within a VU Trade course.  Within the current assessment process, students are given a workplace portfolio template that they fill-in with photographic and other evidence collected in the workplace. We have been examining how this portfolio template may work in VU Collaborate. We have discovered three key options:

The first option would be to use the tools available in VU Collaborate to complete the workplace tasks. The photographs taken, written descriptions, and completed forms could all be submitted via individual assessment dropboxes. Students can upload photographs directly from their mobile phone into VU Collaborate, tests can be completed online and automatically assessed and VU Collaborate tracks student progress making it easy for trainers and their students to track completed tasks.

The second option is to change the way that students submit their Workplace Portfolio Template. Student could continue to fill out the portfolio template, as they have in the past, but then scan the completed document and submit it through an assessment dropbox. While this may be the quickest solution, it doesn’t take advantage of VU Collaborate's new assessment, testing and tracking capabilities. 

The third option is to create the template in the ePortfolio tool in VU Collaborate. Templates can be ‘pushed’ to students to complete so they can place their written descriptions and photographs inside it. While the ePortfolio is a powerful tool, and does also allow students to create a presentation for their employers, this process is technically challenging compared to the other processes.

As VU Collaborate is made available it is worth considering the pros and cons of the different approaches as there are many ways that VU Collaborate can facilitate learning. VU Collaborate presents opportunities for both trainers and students and if well considered, may make work-place assessment easier by reducing the management of documents so to free up time for other tasks.


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